Training is never an end goal. Cybersecurity culture is.

Be the driver of change. Go beyond Security Awareness training. Aim towards building positive Cyber Security culture at the workplace.

1. What is positive Cyber Security culture?

Culture can be defined as - "A significant percentage of the population demonstrating similar behavioural characteristics". Hence, positive Cybersecurity culture can be defined as - "A significant percentage of the population (workforce) demonstrating positive Cybersecurity practices (behaviour)."

What is positive Cyber Security culture

2. Be aware of your strengths and weaknesses

Changing culture is not an easy task. Culture depends on numerous factors, especially if certain work practices are ingrained over time. As a Cybersecurity manager, you have a defined area of work. Focus on what you can do.

Cyber Security managers must be aware of their strengths and weaknesses

3. Set the path: Awareness > Behaviour > Culture

Develop strategies for creating awareness and changing cybersecurity behaviour.

Create awareness

Create an annual time table for security awareness covering onboarding training, mandatory annual training, refreshers, periodic emailers, direct interactions like town halls, Cybersecurity days etc.

Change behaviour

Behaviour is changed through experience. Hence, deliver training programs, with Cyber-risk simulations that enable learners to Immerse, analyse and experience Cybersecurity risks.

Set the path from Cyber Security Awareness to Cyber Security Behaviour to positive Cyber Security Culture

4. Engage end-users positively

Positive communication fosters positive culture. Communicate regularly with end-users through direct interactions and periodic advisories. Positive communication fosters positive culture. Explore how positive Security Awareness Training and communication can build positive Security culture. Let them know that the Cybersecurity team is here to help them do their job better.

Be accessible. Let them know how you can be reached.

Engage and inspire end-users with powerful Cyber Security Awareness Training Programs

5. Measure the change

Check the change in awareness through Cyber Security Awareness surveys.

Measure change in behaviour through social engineering assessments (phishing simulations, fake Cyberattacks etc).

Observe the change in culture by monitoring user behaviour. Analyse whether they need to be reminded about Cybersecurity or is it now ingrained as part of their work habits?

Cyber Security awareness through quizzes

Start the journey towards positive Cybersecurity culture

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