Can Cybersecurity Experiences influence Behaviour Change?

Exploring the power of the time-tested Learning by Doing method to influence positive Cybersecurity Behaviour

Learning by doing is a time tested method. This method applies the principle of learning through experiences. Experience-based learning differentiates itself in one critical aspect.

The learning goes beyond awareness and influences behaviour.

My personal belief is that this is the best possible method for Cybersecurity Training. Most Cybersecurity training programs focus on the awareness component alone.

The learning must have four fundamental qualities to influence behaviour.

Immersion, Analysis, Decision and Outcome.

Immersion is when the quality of the training content engages the learners’ undivided attention.

The analysis is when the learner confronts a situation that demands a choice to be made by evaluating various factors.

The decision is the execution of the best choice according to the learner

The outcome is the effect produced by the decision.

The outcome, whether good or bad, creates an experience. Experiences built over time influences change in behaviour.

Now, the question is — How to create Cybersecurity training that can deliver experiences?

The best learning happens through real-life experiences. However, re-creating them for training is almost impossible. Hence, the next best solution is to simulate real-life experiences. 3D and Virtual Reality solutions hold an edge here.

Provided at the top of this article is a straightforward Cybersecurity experience focusing on “Securing the Workspace”. Go ahead and experience it.