Security Awareness Training using the Learning by Doing method

Learning Cybersecurity by doing

A hands-on approach to learning Cybersecurity using the principles of immersion, analysis and experience.

Learning by doing

Learning is best when it is hands-on. Performing an activity and analysing the outcomes is a powerful way to learn. Every outcome leads to experience. By acquiring experiences over time, one builds a knowledge base.

Behaviour based training-Applying learning by doing in Cybersecurity

To drive secure Cybersecurity behaviour, the learning must follow 3 principles-immersion, analysis and experience.


The learning experience must include risk simulations that re-create Cyber-risk scenarios. This enables the learner to immerse themselves and feel the risk.

Learn by doing immersion


Every risk presents an opportunity for analysis. The learner must take a choice to mitigate the risk and make a decision.

Learn by doing analysis


Decisions may be right or wrong. Nevertheless, they lead to an outcome (experience ), either good or bad. If the experience is good(risk it mitigated) and the behavious is repeated. Else the behavious is avoided or substituted with the right behaviour.

Learn by doing experience

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